How to Fix an Unresponsive iPhone X Screen

Rarely, iPhone X owners may find their screen unresponsive that seems random, where friction and taps on the screen are not registered at all, or the song is very bad and there are important delays before touch interaction is complete. Friction and gesture suddenly have a large pause, and the tap on the screen takes time to do anything, or is completely ignored.

Sometimes, the iPhone X screen freezes completely, being completely unresponsive to involvement with the device at all.

This is a rare problem, but when and if it happens to users, it is very annoying. Luckily there are simple solutions available, so if you find that your iPhone X is randomly unresponsive and the screen is not working, you can fix the problem quickly enough.

Before anything else, make sure your iPhone X screen is clean, and there are no screen protectors or cases that are not right on the device that can prevent the screen from touching responsiveness. Assuming the iPhone X screen is clean and has no obstacles, you are in the realm of non-responding problem solving that we will discuss here.

So, what is the best way to deal with an unresponsive iPhone X with a frozen look? Good old hard reboot! Yes indeed, forcibly restarting the iPhone X will cause the iPhone to reboot and after booting back, the device displaying and touching the interaction must respond to all inputs as expected.

How to Repair an Unresponsive X X / Blu Screen

Here's how you can quickly repair an unresponsive iPhone X by reactivating the device by force, making sure you follow the sequence correctly to do a forced reboot correctly:
  • Press the Volume Up and release buttons
  • Press the Volume Down button and release
  • Hold the Power / Lock button down until you see the logo? Apple appears on the screen, it can take about 10 seconds or more
  • Once you see the Apple logo on the screen, release the Power button and the device will boot as usual

Once the iPhone X boots are back on, the screen must work as soon as you expected. All touches must be recognized immediately, and touches of gestures and friction must be recognized smoothly as usual.

Admittedly forcing the device to reboot is not the most elegant solution, but because it works (and because no other solution is known) and does not take long, this might be the best option available today.

Next: iOS update on iPhone X

After you force your iPhone X to reboot, you must take the time to update iOS to the latest version, or at least make sure your device is in the latest available version.
  • Back up iPhone X, back up to iCloud easily or you can backup to iTunes
  • Open the "Settings" application and enter "General" and then to "Software Update"
  • If iOS software updates are available, download and install as usual

Installing the latest version of iOS to iPhone X is important because every release of software updates tends to include bug fixes, some of which can fix screen problems that don't respond.

Why does the iPhone X screen freeze or become unresponsive?

It is not clear why the iPhone screen can be unresponsive to touch, friction, cues, and other seemingly random touch input. Presumably an unresponsive screen problem is software related.

Interestingly, some time ago Apple has released an update for iOS for iPhone X that was converted as iOS 11.1.2 specifically mentioned in the release notes as follows:
"Fixes an issue where the iPhone X screen becomes unresponsive to touch after a rapid temperature drop"
There are also various online reports that the iPhone X screen can become unresponsive or freeze when the device is in a cold environment. In this situation, installing an IOS update can solve the problem.

But temperature skepticism is the only cause of an unresponsive screen needed, because personally I experience unresponsive screen problems on my own iPhone X in an indoor temperature controlled environment at 72 degrees which is fun, and when running iOS 11.2.6 .

Most likely the iPhone X screen sometimes freezes or becomes unresponsive due to certain software problems, whether it's a bug in a particular application, or iOS itself, or whether a daemon is running in the background and suddenly consumes excessive resources which causes the device to be very slow so that it seems unresponsive to freezing. Because the screen becomes responsive again after a hard reboot, this makes sense.

Finally, it should be mentioned that because the iPhone X is quite new, this device is covered under the usual Apple Warranty, so if you experience screen freezing problems or erratic problems and the tips above updating the IOS and forced reboot cannot complete it. Problems for you, you might want to consider reaching directly to the official Apple Support channel. Non-responsive screens are not uncommon but also not too rare, and similar problems occur in the iPhone 6 model a while ago, and also on the iPhone 7 and other iPhones also often require a hard reboot, software updates, or even a system restore.

Do these tips help you fix an unresponsive X X screen? Do you have other solutions to this problem? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

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