How to Remove Fingerprints from a MacBook Pro Touch ID

If you have a Mac equipped with Touch ID, like one of the Touch Bar MacBook Pro models, you probably already know how to add fingerprints to Touch ID on a Mac so that your fingerprints are unlocked and make purchases. But what if you want to delete fingerprints from Mac? Of course you delete fingerprints from Touch ID on Mac too, which can be needed for various reasons.

This obviously only applies to Macs with the support of Touch ID, which includes the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. If the computer does not have Touch ID, then you cannot add fingerprints to it, or delete fingerprints from it, and the "Touch ID" preference panel will not be available in the System Preferences.

How to Eliminate Fingerprints from Touch ID on Mac

Have a MacBook Pro with Touch ID and you want to delete fingerprints? Here's how you do it:
  • Open "System Preferences" from the menu? Apple and select "Touch ID"
  • Hover the mouse cursor over the fingerprint you want to delete, then click the delete button (X) that appears
  • Click that (X) delete button and confirm you want to delete the fingerprint by entering the password

You can repeat the process of removing fingerprints on Mac System Preferences if necessary. You can even delete all fingerprints from Touch ID that way, then add them back if you want, or just skip using Touch ID completely on Mac if you want.

Removing fingerprints from Touch ID on a Mac is useful for many reasons, whether you want to add fingerprints for better recognition, add entirely new fingerprints, or maybe your fingerprints have changed dramatically for a reason because of scars or some other reasons, and therefore you want to delete the old fingerprint from Mac. Or maybe you just want to delete the fingerprint manually before deleting the Touch Bar data (which has to delete the fingerprint in the cleaning process).

Also, there is a limit on the number of fingerprints that you can store on Touch ID on a Mac, so if you are at that limit and want to add a new fingerprint, you must delete one of the existing fingerprints to do. so.

Currently only a variety of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models including Touch ID and Touch Bar, but there is a possibility that Apple will release additional computers, desktops, laptops, or even an external keyboard with Touch Bar and Touch ID as well. But for now, Touch ID is limited to special MacBook Pro Touch Bar models.

It is worth mentioning that you can also delete fingerprints from Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad if you want to repeat the process on another device.

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