How to set the intensity of the iPhone Flash LED when taking photos

Taking photos in low-light situations often results in blurry and low-quality images. Your iPhone camera application takes pictures with flash, but you cannot control the intensity. Automatically adjusts the surrounding and flash power output according to the light available in your current environment. In this quick article, we show you how to adjust the intensity of your iPhone's Flash LED in three easy steps using popular third-party applications.

For most of us, automatic settings for the built-in flash save days. But there are times when you want to be able to adjust the flash intensity settings to take better pictures.

When shooting outdoors if you see a shadow falling across your subject or the face of the person you are shooting, try using a flash charging. This camera technique illuminates the shadow area by filling only the darker parts with a little flash. When you control the intensity of the LED Flash, you can experiment a bit more with your photos and get a perfect shot.


There are many great camera applications out there. And most offer you manual controls about things that are not included in your iPhone camera application. For illustrative purposes, we demonstrated using Camera +. This application has versions for iPhone and iPad and offers free and paid products.

We like Camera + because it's easy to use and doesn't require a large learning curve. And that lets you take pictures in RAW and TIFF formats! This application is one for iFolks who likes to perfect their images. Photographers who really want or need to control every setting so they can use the camera professionally.

3 Easy Steps to Adjust the LED Flash Intensity on the iPhone

After downloading "Camera +", open it and allow camera access.

In the upper left corner of the screen, click the flash button, as shown in the picture below:

Camera + also gives you control to manually adjust exposure, focus, shutter rate and more so that you can capture moments not just the image itself! And this application offers other manual controls that we expect including our own iPhone camera. This application has a stabilizer shooting mode to get stable shots and an exceptional Clarity Filter.


To harness the power of iPhone cameras and produce professional images, you cannot rely on automatic settings. You must be able to manage the right flash control and much more yourself. Camera + is one application that provides you with this broad control. For those of you who have an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus higher model, you definitely have to use this application to drive it and test it yourself!

Another recommended Camera application to explore if you are interested in photography is ProCam 4. This application allows you to control shutter speed and ISO and shoot and save in RAW format. This application is very useful for utilizing the new iPhone 7 sensor.

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