How to Unlock an iPhone Without a Computer

you confused with iCloud that appears in front of your iPhone or iPad screen? How do I disable iCloud from your iPhone / iPad? First of all you have to know what iCloud or Find my iPhone is and why it can appear on the iPhone and iPad screens.

What is iCloud / Find My iPhone? How do iCloud work on iPhone / iPad? iCloud is an apple server that can store all the information on your Apple device / idevices If you activate iCloud when you first buy an iPhone.

When you first buy a new iPhone, the owner will be told to create an Apple ID account as access to Apple's iCloud Storage that can store photos, contacts, and other information on each iPhone / iPad that is active.

Since iOS 7 a few years ago, Apple created a new security system called Find My iPhone (iCloud Login) with the aim of avoiding iPhone / iPad devices being accessed by irresponsible people.

This new Apple security system called iCloud Login is data security on iPhone / iPad from theft. If someone steals your iPhone / iPad then you can activate Stolen mode in iCloud.Com.

What about people who then forget their password? You can go to to reset the iCloud login password for iPhone / iPad. What if you forget both (Apple ID and password) do not know. How do you recover your iPhone / iPad?

There are several ways to eliminate iCloud like:

  • Replacing the Board on an iPhone with a New Board that doesn't have iCloud yet. (Impractical)
  • Bring your iPhone to the Apple store and show the original iPhone purchase note. (if you are the original owner)
  • Change IOS Firmware
Example Opening iCloud First way using the machine:

How to open iCloud with a machine has the potential to damage hardware and only apply to certain iPhone models. We will discuss the third method, namely Change the IOS Firmware from iPhone / iPad with software.

Tutorial How to Disable iCloud on iPhone / iPad via IOS firmware:

To eliminate iCloud login on your iPhone / iPad, you must replace the IOS firmware on the iPhone. The default IOS firmware will always show iCloud when logging in. For that, I have to edit the IOS firmware. The goal is to make iCloud not run by the iPhone when you turn on your iPhone. Because Firmware is the operating system from iOS itself.

Step 2: Change the iOS firmware as follows, The steps below have been shortened from the truth because I sold this tutorial online:

1. iPhone 6 C79NRVXCG5MQ serial number that is still locked in iCloud as shown below:

Display on iTunes if you connect iPhone to iTunes on PC / Mac

2. Download IOS Firmware on according to your iPhone ios. The ipsw file that has been downloaded by the extension we change from .ipsw to .zip is opened with winrar will look like below. The .dmg file is a disk image from ipsw.

3. This file then opens again with an application to open the .dmg file. You can see there is an folder which is the iCloud Source Code. This file must be re-edited to disable the iCloud system on iPhone / iPad. Before you re-edit you have to decrypt the file first with idecrypt.

Look at the folder from one of the .dmg we removed from the ipsw (you can use Transmac to view the img disk on the ipsw file)

The process of changing the source code on using (cywgin) -> Unix for windows

4. The file that I have changed is then I compress it again to the .dmg file to be included in the ipsw (.zip) file so that we can restore the iPhone.

5. Restore process by OFFLINE (Shift + Click restore) using the patch / modification .ipsw file to skip iCloud login on the iPhone. (iPhone must be in DFU mode)

6. The iPhone 6 can be accessed without using iCloud Login.

What changes from the above file is Apple's Server Process identifies your iPhone. If you turn on an iPhone. The iPhone device will automatically connect to Apple Server via Wifi or simcard data connection. that is why the iPhone cannot be active if there is no simcard or wifi. Apple's server will always ask for iCloud status from your iPhone via IMEI (unique code for all smartphones).

With Ipsw modify, we trick the apple server and provide false identification that your device is OFF on iCloud. This process is called false certificate identification. This method was adopted from the technique of bypassing iCloud via fiddler as in the video below:

How to open iCloud with this method requires a complicated process, especially in the decrypt ipsw file that takes time to find an encription file from the latest ios. You can see the firmware key example at

You don't need to do this because I've made all the above steps easier.

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